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My "Love Affair" With Eisenberg's New Lifting Mask

Lately I changed my status to in relationship! and you know those kind of relationships that start with a rocky beginning? well... it hasn't been one of those... it was love at first sight! and it felt so good and oh so refreshing!! it was exactly what I was looking for and what

I needed in this hot humid weather!

I'm obviously talking about Eisenberg's new lifting mask! what else were you thinking?!

I mean... Facial masks are the hottest beauty move "du jour", and finding the right one for you is as hard as finding Mr right!

Lucky me, while making my traditional stop to the James Richardson Duty Free I was able to find mine pretty easily;

plus I've found a great perfume too!

Keep reading for all the deets!

A common theme on social media lately has been selfies with creamy masks; from clay to gold people are channeling spa vibes all over!

That's where I had the epiphany that I, too, deserve to be pampered; and if these masks could upgrade my complexion, I was down to give them a chance! I tried the clingy sheet one's, the one's with the clay, a few floral one's, and just on the verge of giving up I tried Eisenberg's new Lifting Mask for men.

This mask promised to get rid of all signs of fatigue, sooth, firm, and lift my skin! Infuse with Ginseng extracts, vitamins A, E, C, and the "Trio-moleculaire" patent, I was ready to try it!

I applied as ordered a thin layer on my face, neck, and eye contour area after shower, and left it on my face for 15 minutes.

The first thing I noticed was the relaxing citrus aroma and the cooling effect this mask has! So we already started the right foot I was thinking!

After a few minutes I started to feel how the areas are gently soothed and comfort, and the only thing I wished was to witness a visible change when rinsed off so I could declare I've finally found the one!

15 minutes later, after rinsing it off, I noticed that my skin is feeling way softer and velvety, signs of fatigue are no were to be found, my complexion was way even and brighter, (even on both sides of my nose), pores are tightened, and skin is glowing and feeling refreshed! Yes! all goals achieved, I've found the one! and we're living happily ever since!

but wait, Remember that perfume I told you I've found? well he's definitely my latest obsession!

"Love Affair" by Eisenberg hit the market in 2010 as a floral perfume for man! now how often do you hear that? most perfumes for man are citrucy or woody; and finding a floral scent, is merely impossible! so when I saw (and smelled) this one I knew it has to be mine!

Top notes:

White flowers, red currant, black currant.

Middle notes:

Jasmine, heliotrope, Rose.

Base notes:

Musk, sandalwood, tabacco.

What I love about this perfume mostly, is that he feels very soft and luxurious, he has good longevity, and he's appropriate

for both day and night! So if you're the kind of guy that doesn't like to smell like everybody else, this one's for you!

Both products are exclusively available at the Israeli Duty-Free James Richardson.


Lifting mask: 75ml 56$

Love Affair perfume: 100ml 114$

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