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Youth Captured in a Dior Bottle

"Dior in three words... How Could you describe something so... complex?"

Asking Dior's new face Cara Delevingne, (the women who can practicley sell me anything), as she present the new batch of serums launched by Dior: Capture Youth. The new Anti-oxidants, age-delay regimen, that fights the very first signs of aging we all would love to delay, before they appear; plus some extra benefits that comes with each one of them. For all the deets and my personal experience, keep on scrolling,

and if You ever thought about starting to take care of you skin, Well... THE TIME IS NOW!

Capture Youth by Dior - Timeless, Innovation & Beauty:

Cara, The Flawless Faced 25 years old model, defies Dior as: Timeless, Innovation, and Beauty! with that I could definitely agree.

For me Dior has always been an Iconic and timeless brand who is all about beauty, Innovation and Haute fashion. How Is that related to Dior's new skin care series? well, Capture Youth series developed by Dior's scientists, is all about beauty, and an innovative antioxidant technology capable of maintaining the skin's youthful reserves; and fending off the signs of ageing even before they appear. Yes Please!

The Promise:

A customized Anti-Oxidants rejuvenating protocol to meet the specific needs of each skin type; including the effects of stress, UV rays, pollution, tobacco and more.

Who Is Capture Youth For?

The series is targeted toward millennial to thirty-something (25-35).

How you care for your skin in this decade will determine what kind of damage you will deal with in your thirties and forties - which is why Dior's slogan for this campaign is "Time Is Now" ; Take action now and prevent further regrets!

Why Is Anti-Oxidants so important to your skin?

Between the age of 25-35 our body starts to lose It's capability to fight certain reactions that cause damage to our cells and tissues.

This damage is what we know as: signs of age, fatigue and pigmentation. Anti-Oxidants were proven on several scientific studies to be effective In helping to prevent and reduce wrinkles, skin's aging, and skin's inflammation.

But First, Serum:

Inspired by the predictive medicine and combining the most powerful natural ingredients, this skin care series that includes one universal creme, and 5 different serums; is targeted towards different skin concerns. Now you probably ask yourself: How do I pick the right serum for my skin? Well, that's easy! just think about your main skin concern Or just take the Diagnostical Quiz at the Dior website!

If you’re worried about dullness, choose the Glow Booster, If you wish to achieve a matte appearance for your skin, choose the Matte Maximizer, and so on!

For me I felt like my main skin concern is shiny skin and an uneven complexion during photo-shoots; Therefor, Dior sent me their new Matte Maximizer serum which is targeted to fight the exact problem I just described.

The Matte Maximizer - Age Delay Mattifying Serum:

The formula is made from a combination of lactic acid, pink clay and zinc gluconate, that are known for their capability to regulates sebum production, control excess shine, and refines the skin’s texture.

Enriched with antioxidant iris, this serum is specially formulated to be gentle on skin and composed of 88%1 naturally derived ingredients.

My personal experience with the product: After a few days of using the serum I can firstly say that I loved the Packaging, the lightweight texture that is very fast absorbed into the skin, and the gentle smell of the product. furthermore, my skin looks way more mattified and my pores are significantly tightened. As well, I've found that after applying the serum my face felt "velvety smooth", soft, and the redness disappeared significantly! J'ADIOR! This serum is definitely making the cut to my beauty regimen.

Time to matify! Dior's New capture youth collection.

The Universal Cream - Capture youth Age Delay Advanced Cream:

Concentrated in antioxidant Iris and boasting a plant mesh, Dior's Capture youth universal cream helps to reactivate the epidermis' internal resistance process each day, while offering an instant smoothing action. regarding the texture: It's a really lightweight and very comfort texture which is immediately absorbed into the skin just like the serum; leaving it refreshed, soothed, soft, and youthful.

The technology that was put into this cream is an actual breakthrough! this cream is fending off the signs of aging even before they appear! Oh yea! and if that's not enough, after only several times of a regular usage: skin appears more toned, smoothed and retextured.

6 Products, 3 Different Ways of Using Them:

By mixing one of the serums with the cream you achieve an optimal result.

That's it for today!

Hope as always that I manged to inspire you to make the change; cause just like my fellow friends at Dior say: "THE TIME IS NOW" !

Get active! take your skin's health into your own hands, as from today!

Capture Youth series by Dior Is available at Dior's Flagship boutique in Israel - at the TLV Fashion Mall and Worldwide.

Here as always and on Social media to answer all of your questions.


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