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"When I close my eyes and I think of Naples, these are the colors I see..."

Says Chanel's global creative makeup and color designer Mrs. Lucia Pica, as she choose the city of Naples (her hometown),

as her inspiration for this desirable Spring/Summer beauty Collection. In this free of cliche collection, Pica brings together in a surprising yet complimentary way, pallets of greens, yellows, golds, reds, and blacks; which symbolizes the unique color pallet of this ancient territory. Join my tour guide through Chanel's exciting, new, & revolutionary Spring/Summer collection! Lets go!

From Inspiration to actual products by Lucia Pica:

"It feels super intimate - and it felt hard at times having to let people in but now I feel elated and excited that everyone is here and living the experience by the inspirations I’ve created."

Pica explains that in this collection she tried to create a bridge between something really old, and something she uses on a daily bases during photo shoots. For her "Its a mix of textures just like matte lip with a glossy eye." Pica drew inspiration from all the different parts of the city: the colors of buildings, the sea in the bay of Naples and even the pastel nets used by the local fisherman.

What was guiding her steps through the creation process, was her vision to create a women who's sophisticated and glamorous, but with a modern twist. To bring this women to life, she created a color pallet that combines contemporary, along side classic colors and textures, this women she fantasized to create, could use everyday.

Lucia Pica and her vision women in CHANEL'S S/S makeup collection.

The Collection: "Reflecting Neapolis eclectic & endless range of pigments":

Eyes: Les 9 Ombres - Multi-Effects Eye-Shadow Pallet:

"Intense and luminous colors that accentuate the women's mystery."

In this limited edition pallet by Chanel you can find 9 different shades inspired by the frescoes of Pompeii, and features bold colors along side more neutral tones; with matte - to - satin powder finishes. "Everything is in here" said Lucia Pica: every vision and every moment I had in my Neapolitan journey.

As I was swatching the different shades on my wrist, I was really amazed how pigmented and creamy they are! Very well done once again Chanel! Lucia's hope is that people will be open and spontaneous with the colors as they are build-able. what she means to say is that It's totally up to you guys whether to wear a subtle wash of colors, or create a more dramatic effect.

The Pallet is arranged in 3 harmonies to offer initial ideas of how to pair the bright with the more muted tones.

Les 9 Ombres Pallet by Chanel Price: 70$ .

Add Some Intensity with the Ombre Premiere - Longwear Cream Eyeshadow, Stylo yeux, and Mascara dimensions :

Inspired by a doorstep she saw in Neapolis, this "creme in verderame" is a single packaged eyeshadow, that holds within an exceptional dusty grey-green, with a subtle metallic sheen. The smooth texture of this shadow, glides effortlessly on the upper eye area; to offer the most elegant and glamorous satin finish!

The "Mascara dimensions" is a luxurious all - in - one mascara that offers the perfect balance of volume, definition, length and curl — as well as conditioning and long-wearing benefits. The shade created for this collection is a beautiful metal blue green.

The applicator feels very comfortable to use while applying, and achieves an instant volume very quickly.

The "Stylo yeux" is a waterproof eyeliner in a beautiful deep green-blue shade, inspired by the black ash of the volcano, and by the "Mare-Chiaro" : the bright jade green of the water in the bay. Tip: Color and enhance the the outside area of your eyes, for a bold dramatic look no one would be able to resist!

Ombre Premiere - Creme Eyeshadow - 36$, Waterproof "Stylo Yeux" - 33$, Dimensions De Chanel Mascara -32$ .

Face & Lips: Lip Balm & Powder Duo - "Rosso Pompeiano" :

"Romantic & Fun, something very new inspired by something very old.... the very essence of Naples."

This limited-edition 2 in 1 product features a colorful matte powder that can be worn alone or mixed with the moisturizing and iconic balm of Chanel (that formulated with Hydratendre Complex to smooth, moisturize and protect skin), for a blurred, artistic effect on both cheeks and lips, with as much or as little intensity as desired.

So as you'll just read, we're talking about a product that is both for the lips and cheeks! Now first, let's begin with the color!

How stunning is this vibrant sort of sunset red shade is?? I'm literally obsessed! It's feels like holding vacation in hands! or should I say lips... Pica wanted to create in this compact what she calls a "just kissed mouth" sort of look, that we all would love to have; but most importantly, imagine that shade that feels like the cutest blush up your cheek bones and nose like a fresh natural sun burn!

Mrs. Pica let me tell you this: This product just became my favorite beauty product of the year! Bravo!

"The revolutionary beauty product I fell In love with" - Duo Poudre a Levres - Price: 37$ .

Lips: Rouge Allure Ink, Rouge Allure Velvet, Rouge Coco Gloss:

In addition to the lip "Poudres A Levres", you can also find in this collection 10 more playful and vivid colors, that will add the final

and very much needed touch of sexiness to your look!

The formula is super light weight and enriched with Coconut Oil, Peptides and Vitamin E, along with an exclusive Hydraboost Complex, to offer hours of comfort and moistur. Merci Chanel!

In the shades of the collection you can find different pigments: from watery baby blue gloss, to nude peachy caramel, and even a bold raspberry! As I was Swtching the Blue gloss on my hand , It actually appeared sheer, and took me by surprise in a very good way! I feel that the sheer vibe of this baby blue color, makes the color more wearable and usable. It might look intimidating at first sight for the classic girls among you, but do your self a favor; Go and try it! it really is something!

Lucia's Pica Tip: Apply the Rouge Allure Gloss (Aphrodite) - the watery baby blue color, over a brighter shade of lipstick to create a new muted color!

Go and try it - CHANEL Rouge Allure Gloss - 30$ , Rouge Allure Velvet - 37$ , Rouge Allure Ink - 37$.

Nails - Les Vernis de Chanel (Limited Edition):

"Playful & Bright just like a summer day in Naples."

These new and exclusive pastel shades by Chanel offer another chance to play!

In the collection you can find 4 colors: Mint, Yellow, Pastel Pink and bright orange. Pica's favorite shade from the collection is Yellow, which refers to the affresco picture, the famous color used in paints. While creating this Yellow color Pica thought it has to be a wearable and it has to be a Chanel yellow, not just a regular one! "It needs to be elegant so you see there are so many different elements". while testing the shades I found that the shades have really good pigment, and even the first layer supplies almost a full and even coverage. The Formula is enriched with Bioceramics and Ceramides, and provides deep care to strengthen and improve the quality of nails over time. Along with protective benefits, the formula features carefully selected pigments for an even application and a dramatic, lacquered look. Thank you Chanel for taking good care of us! ;)

"To Innovate, rather than to follow trends." is what Pica tried to achieve while creating this collection, and she definitely did!

Chanel's collection for this Spring/Summer is full of innovation, courage, elegance and uniqueness... In a way, It's just like Madame Chanel herself.

CHANEL Neapolis collection is available in Israel and worldwide.


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