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Voyage Voyage! Best Spring Vacation Fashion Ideas

"Voyage Voyage..." this timeless song by Desireless always brings me such positive vibes and joy! also cause I'm always longing for vacation... and by the way I could really use one right now. So for all of you spring travelers, or just dreamers; I've got your chic spring break wardrobe covered from head to toe. Lets go!

Pack It right!

Traveling or jetting for a quick and breezy getaway? Whether you’re looking for the perfect Carry-on, or Tote, this so chic options are ideal for all of your travel plans. so Pack it right, and always in style!

Re-Think Your T-Shirt Game:

Packing for spring Vaca isn't just about packing whatever come's in sight! to upgrade your look, pack a nice lightweight blazer that you can wear upon any classic T, or linen button shirt, and out-dress everybody else; plus even the most sunny day can precede a chilly night! so make sure to be ready for whatever the whether brings upon you!

Chic it up!

Practical, trendy, and timeless, these must-have accessories will have you feeling inspired for your wanderlust!

Not only UV Protectors:

Not only do they protect your eyes but they’re a staple fashion accessory, adding a fabulous finishing touch to any outfit.

Why do I think Pilot sunnies are perfect for your vaca style? Well Cause as far as I see it there's something really laid back and effortless in this shape. plus they are an all times classic everyone should have!

"Good Shoes Take you Good Places":

Getaway shoes requires two things: Comfort & style! for those of you who doesn't want to compromise on either I've rounded up these 5 shoes styles for every plan you'll might have!

Beachwear, Shorts, and Shirts For an endless St - Tropez vibes:

Light Things up with sheer fabrics like linen, light colors like white or light blue and playful textures and prints; to create the ultimate Non-Shelant Chic looks!

Stripes, prints, and embroidered details should be your top choice!

That's It for today! remember to leave some room for all your new purchases! ;)

As always, hope i manged to Inspire you!




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