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Pack On! Beauty Essentials & More For The Glamorous Travelers

Whether you're traveling for Paris Fashion week like me , a long vacation across sea, or just jetting out of town for a quick weekend getaway;

Unlike you, beauty doesn't take a day off! So just before heading to the boarding lounge; these are the Airport exclusive beauty products to slip into your hand luggage in James Richardson Duty Free; so you can look and feel your best the entire trip!

Dermaglam After Flight Mask: Since stale, dry cabin air can leave your complexion feeling like sand-paper, your prayers for a special after flight skin restoring beauty product has been finally answered! An exclusive mask specially formulated to care for tired and dry skin, after being exposed to an extreme condition like long flights. This gorgeously easy-to-use mask instantly moisturize, relax, sooth and revive your skin;

bringing back that much needed "I just came back fro my vacation" glow!

Available exclusively at James Richardson Duty Free. Price: 9.90$.

Eisenberg Ultra-Hydrating Biphasic Care: Good bye messy hair and farewell tired eyes! Multitasking beauty products are the most efficient way to save time (and luggage space) while traveling with a busy schedule. realizing this on-going trend, Eisenberg Paris has created the most splendid 3 in 1 product! a Bi- Phasic essence for the hair, body, and face; Based on 5 nourishing oils, E & A vitamins, and Powerful Hydrating Active Ingredients. Just spray it up all over, and achieve an impeccable and shining look from head to toe!

Available exclusively at James Richardson Duty Free. Price: 76$ for 100Ml.

Tom Ford Concealer (For Men): Even though on the package the product is marked "for men", as far as I see it: make up products are gender neutral. I mean, a concealer is a concealer! after clearing that up, I can now tell you why I find this one so perfect when traveling and generally. First, it's super small so you can put it in any small size bag, clutch or even your pocket! second, this concealer is super creamy (it will seamlessly blend into your skin), super easy to use (twist up stick), and gives the perfect coverage against redness, blemishes, and under-eye circles! Need I say more?

Available exclusively at James Richardson Duty Free. Price: 39$.

Tom Ford Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer: This moisturizer by Tom Ford is so good it should be given an award! from the fine rotating packaging, to the light weight fast absorbing texture with the most relaxing scent; This moisturizer is ALL I EVER WANTED!

The secret behind the effectiveness of this products is the use specially formulated plant extracts, botanical agents, ingredients with soothing qualities and antioxidants! I find this product perfect in general... not only when travelling; but if this one's available exclusively at the James Richardson Duty free, skip yours, and get this one instead for your vacation and your daily routine at home! Don't forget to thank me later!

Available exclusively at James Richardson Duty Free. Price: 85$.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau De Parfum 50ML:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Lavender, Myrtle, Rosemary, Bitter Orange.

Middle Notes: African Orange flower, Jasmine, Neroli, Pitosporum.

Base Notes: Amber, Musk Mellow, Angelica.

If you consider yourself glamorous you probably own a perfume by Tom Ford!

Why? well... Cause at this point Tom Ford's perfume line is pretty much legendary! Even though you can find a large selection at the JR Duty Free I'll spare you the trouble of spritzing and I'll explain why I found this perfume the perfect one while travelling. First, the perfume is very elegant and will be appropriate for every occasion. second, and more important this perfume is an actual vacation in a bottle! Zippy citrus oils collide with lush floral notes and a touch of a woody Amber make this one seriously glamorous!

Available at James Richardson Duty Free. Price for 50ML: 183$.

If you wanna know how I spent my trip to Paris last month, take a look at my Paris tour guide.

Final note from the editor: a party ain't really a celebration without champagne! so make sure to grab one

at the JR Duty-Free Alcohol area.

My pick of the month is "Perrier Jouet" Grand Brut.

Price: 49$.

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