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Facial Review: HL Bio-repair treatment

HL cosmetics center and factory is located in the heart of the vibrant city of Tel-Aviv.

Last month I got the chance to get a private tour in their labs and the honor to experience one of their most luxurious treatment the

HL Bio-Repair treatment from Bella Guy- HL Chief beautician and a worldwide Guru in the beauty industry for more than 50 years!

It was a real treat! and boy my face looked good!

So you better keep reading for all the details about my exclusive treatment that fights pigmentation signs! Lets go!

The Bio-Repair treatment is Providing the most delicate treatment to the face, with the use of products that are the closest to the DNA of the human body! so if you have a delicate (FYI) skin that would be the perfect treatment for you!

Before we started the treatment "Bella" examined my skin to make sure this treatment is suitable for me! after verifying this treatment is suitable for my skin type she started cleansing my skin in 2 steps! First she exfoliated my skin, then she applied a toner to sooth and balance my skin, and prepares it to better absorb the rest of the treatment!

The further step included 5 hydroxic acid peeling! Now before you start with the questions let me explain!

hydroxic acid is naturally produced from milk, fruits, and sugar cane.

In the cosmetic industry these products most often contain glycolic and lactic acids.

They help reduce the appearance of skin wrinkling, even skin tones and soften and smoothe the skin.

The hydroxic acid act as an exfoliator on the surface of the skin by removing dead cells, thereby improving the appearance of the skin.

After that to sooth the skin yet still act actively Bella applied on my skin another acidic cold mask that contain Lactic acid to encourage my skin to slough off its old dead skin cells to reveal the glow of healthy skin cells hidden underneath.

This mask also helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, age-related spots and pigmentation; by promoting collagen growth in the deeper layers of the skin.

than Bella layered on my face 2 gaza bandages and applied on top of them a gypsum mask with UV protection to hydrate my skin and protect it from the sun after the use of acids in the treatment! Thanks for keeping me safe Bella!!

To finish the treatment around my eyes 2 pads that contain a special mask for the eye area to diminish all signs of fatigue and any dark spots!

Results I've seen after the treatment:

- redness is reduced.

- skin is brighter.

- skin's elasticity and suppleness is improved.

- signs of fatigue are gone.

- The skin is more plumped.

- The skin is smoother and softer

to continue the treatment at home I got the Bio-repair kit.

The BIO REPAIR line acts to rehabilitate skin that has suffered environmental damage.

The line is based on collagen, elastin and a unique repair complex that prevents and corrects damages to skin cells, stimulates natural corrective and repair mechanisms in skin cells.

The line is intended for damaged, tired and dull skin.

The kit contains both day & night cream and a gel cleanser- the kit is available at HL center in TLV.

This picture was taken right after the treatment!

My skin is definitely glowing! Thank you Bella!

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