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Facial Review: Oxygen treatment by Ronit Raphael

I often hear people saying why should I get a facial? I already got my bathroom loaded with products and beauty essentials! but the truth is that there are some things you just can not "DIY"; You'll never have the right products at home to get a professional effect, Plus beauty facials are much more relaxing and fun than your improvised attempt at home.

Willing to make your life easier I'll post a series of reviews on facials that I checked! make sure to follow!

The First one that I checked was The "Oxygen treatment by Ronit Raphael".

Oxygen treatment is one of the treatments celebrities swear by; whether they wish to look "red carpet" ready or picture perfect; this trick is no longer up their sleeve! since you all can get one at L.Raphael's beauty centers around the world.

The treatment that I got was preformed at the Ronit Raphael Center in TLV but if you get to visit NY, LA, Geneva or Cannes you can book yours in one of her "beauty temples.

The first step of the treatment included Cleansing and Exfoliating the skin.

Cleansing the skin is the first step to balance the skin's PH level, remove impurities and tone the skin. Second, cleaning the skin prepares it to better absorb and receive the cream's and mask's vitamins and nutrients!

Then there's a Semi-step including Skin analysis to make sure the treatment is suitable for you!

The second step Incorporated an advanced oxygen treatment.

Now, when I posted myself on my insta stories while getting the oxygen treatment People went crazy on my Insta Dm with questions like: Does it really helps? How does it feels? It sores? do you see a visible change?

So to simplify the things for you I'll explain it all!

Why using oxygen? Well... Oxygen got a lot of benefits when being used for cosmetic purpose like Rejuvenating the skin, helping uneven skin tone look brighter and more luminous, restoring moisture balance and defending against breakouts.

The infusing feels like a blast of cold air on the skin, with a slight pressure but nothing painful or uncomfortable.

The oxygen is transformed through a device; much similar to a makeup artist airbrush gun, in order to enhance the absorption of the serums so you theoretically get more benefit from the ingredients.

Oxygen is also naturally antibacterial and has a cooling, calming effect.

The further step included L.Raphael's Mineral Purifying Mask to draw impurities, tighten pores, remove excess surface oils, hydrate, and balance the skin.

On top of the Mineral Mask the aesthetician laid some "Gaza bands" with L.Raphael's Mint & Clay Beauty Mask to firms the skin; and give me that much needed glowing complexion! YAS!

Now the "million dollar question" everybody was so keen to know: Have I seen a visible improvement? Well... I've always had a good skin but I can definitely say There was a huge visible improvement! here are all the changes I've seen on my skin after the treatment:

- The skin is more luminous and radiant.

- The skin is clearer and fresher.

- The skin is more plumped.

- The skin is smoother and softer.

- Signs of fatigue are reduced 100%.

So If you wish to escape the daily grind for a moment and treat yourself, or a significant other with a facial treatment or a spa experience - Make sure to book yours at one of L.RAPHAEL's centers! You'll thank me later.

make sure to follow for the next review!

About the brand: L.RAPHAEL is a professional cosmetics company offering a wide range of treatments for the face and body, while providing solutions for most skin types and conditions.

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