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Let The Wind Of Change And Youth, Sweep You Off Your Feet!

Inspired by the wind of change and youth passes in "Rue Saint-Honoré", Paris's luxury shopping street, Hermes introduces this Fall, Twilly d'Hermes! a fresh, lively, warm, and spicy scent with a design so cute you won't be able to resist!

So here is is! the long awaited for Twilly d'Hermes by the brand's new perfume artist Christine Nagel is finally over! Now every time a major brand like Hermes changes his perfume artist, there's a really big anticipation and anxiety; at the same time for their new perfume launch! Is it gonna be good? am I gonna like it? are often questions I ask my self! but Christine Nagel Hermes's first female perfume artist is showing us that her game is strong and more sophisticated than ever!

As for the perfume notes the sole chords are Ginger resins, tuberose and sandalwood! What I really liked about this perfume is the non-conformist way Madame Nagel used this 3 ingridients! The aroma is in between spicy and "brulee" with a fresh floral tones! which means that if you're not ready to ditch the floral-fruity scents of summer just yet, Twilly d'Hermes just might be the fall-appropriate answer to the tropical spritzers you loved in the warmer months!

As for the design the last thing I thought would herald the comeback of bowler hats would be a perfume bottle! but seriously! how chic is that?

As for the name and the thin silk scarf coating the neck of the bottle, the inspiration was the iconic Twilly scarf used to cover the Hermes Birkin bag handles; and today by the spirit, and multi-faceted nature of young women, who invent new ways to wear the house's iconic silk scarves! (Now don't tell me you didn't wear yours at least in 5 different ways! but if you're just getting to know with this trend Hermes released an app called Twilly d'Hermes available for both Iphone and Android that shows you a several ways to style your Twilly scarf! How useful is that?!

Twilly d'Hermes has a long-last longevity between 10-12 hours!

The perfume launches today (28 Augost) in all Hermès boutiques, department stores and authorised perfumeries.

In Israel you'll be able to find it at April's stores in 30, 50, and 85ml!

Watch the Official Clip of Twilly d'hermes!

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