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4 Summer Fragrances that'll transport you to your dream vacation!

Just like your wardrobe you should change your perfume with the seasons.

since warmer weather can change your skin's chemistry and PH, the fragrance you used in the winter can be too strong and overpowering

for summer!

So It's time to put away the spicy, heavy cold weather stand-bys and bust out fresh, sparkling options that smell like your favorite cocktail or sunny getaway sea breeze!

here are 4 scents of my select for this summer:

Molecule 04 and Ecentric molecules For women and men: "when science meets art"

Schoen Geza the mad creator behind this brand takes us into a unique ride once again with a summery fruity scent that will not leave you, or anybody else in the room indifferent!

Molecule 04 contains 100% Pure javanol which is the molecule Mr. Geza chooses to play with this time!

Escentric 04 is a super fresh scent that it almost feels like wearing sunshine! the milky grapefruit against a crackle of dry pepper, metallic minerals, creamy sandalwood and powdery osmanthus makes this perfume the addicting work of art he is!

well done Mr. Geza!

Availeable exculsively at: April's boutiques, James Richardson Duty free, and online at guilty.

Dior Sauvage Very cool Spray

The house of Dior presented Sauvage In 2015; The perfume it-self is fresh and aromatic masculine scent.

This summer Dior releases a brand new way to wear Sauvage Eau de Toilette in an innovative cooling spray that comes in an unbreakable

bottle you can spray any way, take anywhere, and apply anytime.

Thanks to the use of mint in the formula the Sauvage Cooling Spray actually cools the body! how cool is that?

Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Pepper, Ambroxan, Vetiver, Patchuli, and Sichuan Pepper.

"Although Sauvage Very Cool Spray is a composition

as 'direct' as the Eau de Toilette, I saw it as a way

of highlighting Sauvage's structure. I wanted to reveal

its framework and its essence, so that this search for lightness

and freshness remained a strong signature." François Demachy

Mont Blanc Legend Night

This perfume Is the newest one in the bunch; and he's a newer more sophisticated version to 2011's the Mont Blanc Legend.

The aromatic notes of clary sage and peppermint, enhanced with cool spices (cardamom) and sparkling bergamot,

set the fragrance’s fresh and lively tone.

The middle notes immediately counterbalance this first impression of refreshing coolness with their warm elegance.

The precious scents of cedar wood blend well with the floral lavender tones, a classic in men's fragrances.

The perfume has good longevity 12 hours + and he will definitely be a crowd pleaser!

Jimmy Choo Ice For Men:

Jimmy Choo Ice is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men, that was launched in the summer of 2017.

As far as I see it this fragrance is more citrucy than woody, but that's what makes me love this perfume even more!

This fresh and summery scent is a fabulous staple for your perfume wardrobe.

Mandarin orange and Bergamot blend with crisp Patchouli and Cedar notes for an airy and masculine scent!

Why I love this one so much?

Well...Fragrances with playful citrus notes are among the most popular for spring and summer, their light and fresh qualities

making them the ideal summertime choice for every occasion! but it's totally up to your taste!

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