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As conversation turns from the long awaited of summer, to where did you booked your plane tickets to; I'ts clear that summer time get away season is fast approaching! Now if there's one rule I try to keep when packing for breezy weekends away, is packing efficiently! and just because I have to pack light, it doesn't mean I have to compromise when it comes to my favorite perfume!

Coming to understand this need, Chanel has created the most perfect and chic Bleu de Chanel travel edition; keeping me both light and smelling phenomenal!

Now for those of you that aren't familiar with the iconic Bleu de Chanel scent, here's a quick review!

Blue de Chanel is an enigmatic and mystifying yet inviting perfume that was created in 2010 by the house of Chanel;

as the first perfume for him since "Allure Homme Sport"!

It's "Eau de parfum version hit the market in 2014 and instantly became a best seller!

The perfume itself is an elegant mixture of grapefruit, peppermint, cedar, and vetiver with a hint of Amber and Incense accords that conveys strength and sophistication!

The perfume is appropriate for both day and night, and he's definitely my all times favorite!

Top Notes: Patchouli, Ginger, Labdanum, Sandalwood.

Middle Notes: Mint, Jasmine, Grapefruit, Vetiver.

Base Notes: Cedar, Incense, Pink-Pepper.

Chanel describes Bleu de Chanel as a “woody-aromatic” fragrance,

but it definitely has a marine/sport vibe.

the marine nature of the perfume becomes more pronounced the longer I wear it,

and that's exactly what makes me love this perfume!

Back to the cause of gathering, I found the travelling edition also very useful when running a busy urban lifestyle!

If I feel like I need to refresh myself in the middle of a busy work day, or night-out in town, this travelling edition makes the ideal choice!

Fitting almost any small clutch or bag, and with a scent appropriate for both day and night captured in a luxurious designed bottle that rotates to dispense a fine mist; It's only reasonable that I'm so enthusiastic when writing about this one!

With this Chanel travel spray, you can now wear Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum anywhere, anytime!

Set includes:

3 x 0.7 oz. Eau de perfum Twist and Spray.

Price in stores: 570NIS

The travel edition stands with the restrictions of airlines 100ml rule.

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