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Straight from Miami beach: Your new “life-guard” for summer!

“I’m in Miami Beach!” - hundreds of songs were written on this shore!

where the coffee is always Cuban, and the fun is always in the sun! and speaking of the sun, let’s talk Sunscreen!

The non-negotiable “It product” of summer! and with summertime just around the corner; it’s time to start upping your

Sunscreen game with “Miami Beach” Sunscreen series that you can get exclusively at James Richardson Duty Free!

Miami Beach Sun-care Products were created as a collaboration between the city of Miami and “destination brands international company” In an effort to give you the ultimate “Miami Beach lifestyle” experience.

from the fragranced aroma to the soothing effect of their triple acting sea kelp formula, the essence of Miami Beach is contained in a bottle for your pleasure.

Why do I recommend The Miami beach line?

Well… how can I not! Natural marine essences and elements, with sunscreen features are incorporated in their unique formula to provide UV protection along with a boost of freshness and an optimal hydration to nourish your skin! And if it wasn’t clear enough, the products are made with natural ingredients! Now if there’s one thing I’ve learned over time is that natural ingredients products are the safest when it comes to dealing with allergies and strange side effects!

Sun Sunscreen lotion broad spectrum SPF 30 This lotion has an amazing water resistance and can provide up to 80 minutes of protection! the Miami Beach triple action sea kelp is also used to provide the incredible benefits of seaweed’s natural sunscreen, while firming the appearance of the skin and protecting against photo-aging.

Their non-greasy formula which is the most important thing for me while buying a sunscreen, quickly absorbs into the skin, re-hydrating and replenishing proteins and minerals lost in the heat of the sun! where have you been all my life?

for those of you that don’t want to stay on the bright side, and wish to get sun-kissed; this after-sun moisturizing gel

will bring your skin back to life with his unique formula infused with vitamin E and Aloe Vera!

This product is also helping to restore moisture, extend the life of your tan, and prevent your skin from drying and peeling! Add to this the instant cooling effect and you get the perfect after-sun!

So, if you like to stay on the brighter and healthier side like I do, or just don’t wanna ruin your summer vacation with a skin red as the sunset, make sure to make a quick stop at James Richardson Duty Free, and get yourself These summer essentials!

I’m already a fan!

Prices at the James Richardson Duty Free :

Sun Sunscreen lotion broad spectrum SPF 30 13.90$ for 177 ml

After-sun moisturizing gel 9.90$ for 148 ml

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