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Get active with Garnier Pure-active series!

My romance with Garnier started back in the days when I was a teenager!

As I started growing up my hormones went out of balance, and I noticed that my skin was not looking as good as it used to look and feel!

So as a guy who was always aware to the way he looks; I immediately started searching for solutions!

That was the exact day I was firstly introduced to Garnier’s skin care products!

Miraculously after two weeks as the women who was kindly helping me said, my skin was balanced again and felt smoother than ever!

After I took you to a little stroll down to memory lane, say farewell oily and shiny skin, and hello matte appearance! as I invite you to discover with me the latest and freshet hit by Garnier!

The brand’s 3 quick steps are cleansing, purifying, and moisturizing!

Now I used this series slightly different than the way Garnier is advising!

So I’ll tell you both ways and you can try the way that works best for you!

First step: Cleansing with Garnier’s Pure active 3 in 1:

Now this one is an actual 3 in 1! #Score! You can use it as your daily facial soap to wash and purify your skin, remove excess sebum and protect against the appearance of spots! And that’s only the first way to use this it!

This product is also serving as a facial scrub and mask! If you wanna use it as a scrub just massage it deeply into your skin’s forehead, chin, nose and neck to remove dead cells and unclog pores! And if you wish to use it as a mask that will help you achieve an even skin tone, and that much needed matte appearance within seconds; apply a thick layer on your skin and leave it for approximately 3 minutes! Remember not to use the product as a mask for more than 2 times a week!

If you wish to achieve an even more intensive cleanse use Garnier Exfo-Busher intensive; a purifying face wash with exfoliating brush delivery system, for gentle exfoliation. With the help of this product you can get rid of impurities and dead cells, reduce sebum level, and treat imperfections! I fell in love with the way the brusher feels on my face! Its like the most calming facial massage, plus it comes with a gorgeous mint smell and cooling effect! I’m obsessed!

Now here’s the twist! Garnier is advising to use the Micellar cleansing water before the pure active 3-1 but I used the 3-1 first cause for my skin is better to use the micellar water as the second step!

Second step: Purifying with pure active toner:

The Pure Active toner is an easy way to remove make-up, and cleanse and purify the skin in 1 step without rinsing! Furthermore, this product is helping fight the appearance of pimples, and tighten your pores for smoother and more cohesive matte appearance skin tone; Formulated with blueberries extracts and salicylic acid this one is a must if you wish to balance your skin!

How to use:

Apply a small amount using a cotton pad on your face, concentrating on the forehead, nose and chin.

The third step is moiturizing with Garnier Pure active Anti-imperfections matte moisturizer:

Formulated with Garnier patented trade mark the combination of Airlicium,

derived from natural Ultra-absorbing mineral silice and purifying salicylic acid; this one is a true icon! delivering 8 hours of protection and shine free appearance while reducing the appearance of blemishes!

How to use:

Apply a small amount on your skin.

Tip: if you're using a sunscreen, primer, or make-up; use it as a Pre-product underneath!

To discover more about the Pure-active series visit Garnier.co.il

See you soon with the next review!


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