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Back to basics

Beauty can sometimes be overwhelming and complicated for beginners! and believe me I know!

So if you’re feeling clueless, but you really wanna go the extra mile and start taking good care of your skin,

this one’s for you!

In this post I rounded all of my favorite tips and everything in between.

lets go!

So the three essential steps for preserving the skin’s health and beauty are cleansing, hydrating, and protecting the skin!

Why do we cleanse the skin?

Regular cleansing removes impurities and makeup, unclogs pores, and tones the skin,

preparing it to absorb the skincare products you subsequently apply.

How to do it properly?

When cleansing your skin the most important thing is to massage the product in a circular movement all the way to your hairline! Make sure to really go slow and easy around the eye area, and even get your-self a specific cleanser that would be softer and gentle on that area. btw … don't forget the neck!

Hydrating Vs Moisturizing:

In this battle there’s no winner! Hydrating and moisturizing are interchangeable words that describe the same thing!

why do we need to hydrate our skin?

Hydration is essential for preserving skin’s elasticity, and preventing the appearance of fine lines and redness.

How to hydrate you skin?

Well the good old myths says to drink enough water! But if you really wanna get active than there’s 2 simple steps you need to make sure to follow after cleansing! And btw cleansing can also appear in a form of toner! Now before you panic let me explain!

A toner is another form of cleansing the skin but in a softer way! A good toner is also starting to hydrate your skin and prepares it for the next step: Serum applying!

Now some of you might have heard the word essence, well… serums and essences are practically the same!

They are doing the same job! sometimes you’ll find that the textures are slightly different and yes! texture does matter!

So my advice- DON’T be shy and try both on your wrist in order to choose what works best for you!

Now let’s get focused again! Serum applying is very important! Think of serums as superfood for your skin. These powerhouse products offer a wide array of benefits to skin, including UV damage control, hydration, lightening, brightening, smoothing, and more! As well they contain a lot of active ingredients that improve & intensify the action of the cream, helping him reach to the bottom parts of your dermis!

Tip: Toners are also handy for tightening pores after cleansing!

The second step is to use a moisturizing/hydrating cream! now the range is really diverse, and basically you just need to choose based on your skin and the results you wish to achieve!

For example some of them infuses moisture as well as Vitamins, amino-peptides, hyaluronic acid, and anti-aging & whitening components! Make sure to read what each product is giving you when building your daily routine!

Remember: The drier your skin, the heavier the product you should use.

Tip: Consider the season! in winter, when it's dry, I recommend using a heavier cream or even an oil to ensure your skin is enough hydrated. But There are days in summer when I can get along with serum only cause it gives me enough hydration! I would also recommend making sure that either your cream or serum is supplying UV protection!\

Basically this 3 steps are the first steps on the highway to heaven! If you wish to enrich your daily routine even more; there’s masks- that are typically more concentrated than your day cream and designed to focus on area of concern! There’s also creams, serums or masks for the eye area that will help you fight puffiness and and dark circle; or as I like to say it will help you achieve that much needed “I just came back from my vacation look”!

Don’t forget the lips! Your lips are actually defenseless against subtle changes in wind, temperature and dryness. Make sure to use a lip balm to protect the most delicate and mobile parts of your face!

In the following pictures, you can learn a few techniques that will teach you how to apply your daily routine more effectively!

The perfect treatment! apply in a circular movement from the inside to the outside as shown in the picture.

Awake your skin! Tap with your fingers 3 times on each spot as shown in the picture!

A. Contour your face line! Swipe the back of your hand (as shown) through your cheeks all the way up to your ears!

B. Swipe your fingers from your eye browse all the way up to the hair-line and repeat 3 times!

it might seem complicated at first but believe me it's really easy! Plus.. it totally worth it!



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