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"Eisenberg" is now offering a luxurious spa getaway experience in London's finest bout

Exciting news for all the spa lovers among you!!! "Eisenberg" The luxury skin care company from Paris has been chosen to be Harrod's beauty House brand; which means they now offer a full spa experience at their boutique in London!

Now be with me on this one; and just imagine escaping the busy and bustle city of London; into the glamorous serenity this urban retreat offers, where their team of highly qualified therapists provide effective and luxurious facial treatments with the use of the brand's signature

"Trio-molecular" formula.

To honor this special occasion, James Richardson Duty Free arranged a very glamorous event at the Hilton hotel for top beauty bloggers and journalists from Tel-Aviv; there I had the chance to meet Patrizia Mazzitelli - Eisenberg's internationally worldwide Training Manager and renowned skincare expert who is is not only kind but also one of the most professional women I've ever met - who gave me the opportunity to experience the same treatment they perform at the Harrod's spa - "Urban retreat" in London! and boy it was good! My skin was glowing and felt so fresh and smooth afterwards!

Join me on this journey to discover this luxurious facial steps!

Examining the skin:

Before Patrizia started the facial, she examined my skin to make sure she's giving me exactly what I need!

making sure your skin is getting exactly what he needs is one of the

most important things! every skin has different features and a dry

skin treatment will be different then an oily one!

as well, a more mature skin will need a more intense

treatment incorporating Anti-aging components!

For my skin type I got the Eisenberg's ultimate instant beauty facial!

The Eisenberg ultimate Instant Beauty facial is a luxury treatment,

which reveals a beautiful and radiant complexion in only 45 minutes.

The revitalizing action of the perfect combination between the tailored-made

natural ingredients, peptides, and the lifting massage delivers extraordinary results.

This treatment is also incorporating micronised Diamond powder that

suppose to boost and energize your skin!

Step 1 - Cleansing, hydrating, & awakening the skin:

Why Its important to cleanse the skin?

cleansing the skin is the first step to balance the skin's PH level, remove impurities and tone the skin.

Second, cleaning the skin prepares it to better absorb and receive the cream's and mask's vitamins and nutrients!

In this pictures you can see that Patrizia is hydrating my skin

with roses liqueur.

Beside the gorgeous relaxing roses smell, this Mist

is also awakening and hydrating the skin's complexion.

note to self: I need more roses liqueur in my life!

Step 2+3 - Serum applying and a special mask for the eye area:

In the second step of the treatment Patrizia applied a serum on my face and massaged it into my skin!

Why do we use serum before cream?

Serum applying is very important because it contains a lot of active ingredients that improve the action of the cream,

and make it reach to the bottom parts of your dermis.

Then she applied (in her words) "special something for the eyes" and boy it felt special!

A contouring and soothing mask, that immediately boosted and energized my eye area!

After Patrizia applied the mask, she performed

a special massage technique to boost natural

collagen produce of the skin!

Relaxation mood - ON!

The rest of the treatment:

For the rest of the treatment Patrizia applied more masks, massaged them onto my skin; and finished

with "vitamin en capsule" Mask - Enriched with vitamin A , E , grape seeds and nourishing oils!

It was an absolute treat! Thank you Patrizia It was an absolute treat!

And if in between the shopping and the dinning in London you wanna forget the daily grind for a moment and treat yourself, or a significant other, to some much-needed facial - Make sure to book yours at the Eisenberg's spa in Harrods! After all, everyone deserves a bit relaxation time occasionally! You'll Thank me Later!

Facial results that I noticed on my skin:

- Skin is moisturized and hydrated. - Skin is fresher and purified.

- Natural glow.

- skin is more luminous and radiant.

- skin is re-plumped.

For those of you that don't get the chance to visit London anytime soon, don't worry! cause their entire perfume and skincare collection is available at the Israeli Duty Free James Richardson - Check it out! : https://www.dutyfree.co.il/EisenbergParis

And although at home you can't mimic Patrizia's heavenly hands gestures, what you can do is try to maintain your skin with

Eisenberg's new Early rides series that is almost specially created for the Israeli hot weather; with a texture light as feather,

and an immediate sense of freshness at application.

I'm a fan!

About the brand:

Eisenberg Paris is worldwide known brand that has written under his name the "Trio-Molecular Formula" patent!

These 3 key ingredients (Enzyme, Cytokine, Biostimulin) work in synergy to energize, regenerates and oxygenates your skin!

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