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Serving you 5 Lip treatments that actually work

Hey guys

Summer is nearby! (yay!) and while you all know the most important thing while packing for summer vacations is

sunscreen; there's one part of your body you might be neglecting: your lips!

Add to the party the never ending battle whether to turn on or turn off the air-conditioner, and the result is chapped & dry lips.

Your lips are actually defenseless against subtle changes in wind, temperature and dryness.

So...you don't need to thank me, but I rounded up my favorite Lip treatments that will help you kiss summer damage goodbye!

Chanel Hydra beauty - Nourishing Lip care

Chanel's Lip balm is Based on their iconic flower, the Camellia.

This key active ingredient and the vitamin E (recommended by dermatologist)

helps skin restore and maintain optimal moisture levels in the cells.

This Lip Care smoothes, soothes and protects damaged lips for a beautiful healthy-looking smile.

with an ultra hydrating active ingredients this lip balm is all you ever wanted.

Flavor: no flavor.

Size: 35 oz.

La Mer Lip Balm - Relieves dryness

This Product was the first thing I ever tried from La mer's skin care products; and it made me fall in love with their entire collection.

This intensive Lip balm is a record breaker when it comes to healing chapped lips. (no joke!)

The formula is enriched with Marine extracts for both repairing and hydrating.

La mer's luxurious balm is softening, soothing, and helps rejuvenating dry lips.

Read my lips! this one is a must!

Flavor: mint.

Size: 32 oz

La-Prairie - Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Perfection à Porter

So this one is really one of my favorite care products ever! (plus it's the chicest once in the bunch)

With both eye creme gel and protective lip balm at once how can you not like it?

The main reason I like it so much is because It's super compact & containing everything you need to refresh yourself after

a busy day or a flight within seconds!

The rich Formula features line smoothers and skin brightners for your eyes at the top compartment, and at the bottom compartment a concentrated lip balm That will plump and bring back that much needed volume to your lips!

Flavor: No Flavor

Size: 0.5 oz

Sisley Baume efficase - Eye and lip contour balm with botanical extracts

First thing first, This one is an actual 2 in 1 gel!

When I was first introduced to this product, I must admit I was quite skeptical because of the Gel texture;

But if you know Sisley's reputation, one thing sure, they are doing the job!

So as I was trying it on my lips I immediately felt it calming and soothing.

This Formula is enriched with plants extracts and plants protein which helps moisturize and smooths the most delicate and mobile parts of the face! I'm a believer!

Flavor: no flavor.

Size: 30 ml.

Kiehl's Lip care collection - #1, Facial Fuel, and Lip Relief:

My Romance with kiehl's started back in the days when I was a flight attendant wandering the streets of my beloved city NY.

As I flight attendant I faced the untold struggle of this job: severe dry lips!

Kiehl's lip balms collection helped me facing this issue, and brought my lips back to life!

Kiehl's formulations are made with the finest naturally derived ingredients: from Caffeine to various vitamins of nature,

that help treat and prevent dehydration.

Facial fuel formula is shine-free for matte application.

Flavor: Facial fuel and Lip relief - refreshing mint. #1- no flavor.

Size: 0.5 oz.

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