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Histoires de parfums challenge tradition with a new fragrance series

Fashion has ripped old ideas of gender to shreds, and now its the fragrance world's turn to blur the lines with more and more unisex scents!

Back in the days it was quite acceptable for women to wear Gardenia, roses, or jasmine scents, while for men woody or leather.

Isn't that weird?

Flowers or fruits shouldn't conjure up the image of women! there's nothing to say, either that leather or wood scents have to mean "male"!

Niche perfumes world is defying those rules with unique scents combining flowers, leather, wood, spices and fruits for both genders!

Histoires de parfums- which means the story of perfumes hasn't fallen to understand that the market is gushing for gender fluid scents and therefor they created the "This is not a blue bottle" series.

The series contain 3 perfumes 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 - each created with a carefully curated thought.

Last year they launched the 1.1 perfume and it immediately became a "best seller"! with an eye catching design inspired by Yves Klein's royal blue art epoch, and an electrifying smell there's no wonder!

1.1 The Perfume of abstraction.

Top notes: Aldehydes, Blood orange.

Middle notes: Geranium, Polar honey.

Base notes: Amber, Musc, Oriental patchouli.

This perfume is very long-lasting,

and perfect for spring & summer.

As well, from my point of view, because of

the unique oriental smell you can mix it

with any other citrusy or salty perfume,

for a fresher result.

This Year Gerald Ghislain - Histoires de parfums creator, is launching 2 new fragrances to his "This is not a blue bottle" series.

This is not a blue bottle 1.2 and 1.3! They are a modification of the original formula-(that remaind the same) or better say - a fine tuning.

The 1.2 Design is inspired by Yves Klein's royal blue combined with a modern splash of color.

The fragrance is for both men and women, although Gerald discovered at the launch event of the new perfumes,

that he meant to create a scent that would be more feminine and delicate.

Trying all 3 of them I actually discovered that the 1.2 is my favorite one.

1.2 The perfume of light.

Top notes: Ivy, Pink pepper.

Middle notes: Lilac, Lilly of the valley, Ylang Ylang.

Base notes: sandalwood, White musc, Vanilla.

Looking at the ingredients, this perfume

might seem sweet; but it's actually not.

The smell is very delicate and gentle

on the skin, and it gives an almost creamy or milky


and last but not least the 1.3! he is an evident brother of the 1.1 and 1.2, with both floral and oriental touch.

He is definitely stronger then both 1.1 and 1.2, but the composition is so unique and well executed,

that he's absolutely addictive!

1.3 The perfume of fire.

Top notes: Bloody orange - a wink to the 1.1.

Middle notes: Rose, saffron.

Base notes: patchouli, leather.

This one, is for the bold ones among you!

with strong ingredients like saffron and

leather, this mysterious composition will leave you


All of the 3 are available at : http://www.individual-parfum.com/

Individual Boutique is located in Tel Aviv - 40 Shabazi st.

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