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Old x New

hey guys! hope you're all well,

No matter how hard one tries, keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends is always a struggle. Every few weeks, something new is in and something old is out.

This time, however, it seems like old has become the new, new. 2016 has seen many trends of the 80’s and 90’s make a comeback.

So today I wanted to talk with about how to mix vintage pieces you have in your wardrobe, or your parents or grandparents wardrobes,

with your new clothes to create an edgy look with a wow factor that only you would probably have!!

First of all some of you might ask where can I get vintage items? Well...everywhere basically! from flea markets to vintage or 2nd hand stores

and even Topshop!

Now we have to agree on 2 basic rules:

  • If you capture black pieces like jackets of all kinds, TAKE THEM!

these vintage jackets can match everything and they create such a unique outfit.

Calvin Klein jeans Vintage corduroy jacket

  • Fashion trends like history always come back... in style!

History tends to repeat itself-and the saying definitely holds true in the fashion world

I often save a lot of my favorite pieces even though I know I won't wear them today or tomorrow, but they might come back in style and you better be safe then sorry!

So the latest hot trends that made their way back:

Bands T's:

AC:DC T- Zara

Chiara Ferragni in Nirvana T

Basically There's so many more trends!! To make matters easier for you, here is a list of some of top trends that have returned and seem to be here to stay: the Levi's High rise loose Jeans, Puffy Sport jackets, Bandanas, Choker necklaces, Combat boots, Flannel & Denim T-shirts, and round shaped sunglasses (like the one's Natally Portman was wearing in the movie LEON)

Combat boots and Flannel T's

to sum things up for you fashion is so individual and it's such a fun way to express your-self!

Be bold and try some new stuff! Mix it with what you already have and remember! Fashion isn't a price point, it's all about the attitude!


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