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2017 The year of the Bomber

No longer confined by its military roots, the bomber is now a true fashion essential, one found draped across the shoulders of nearly everyone who gives any thought to what they wear.

Every year Google releases its Fashion Trend Report, giving us a data-soaked glimpse of what's hot—and what's not—in the world of fashion.

Well... 2017 has been the year of the Bomber jacket!

Suddenly everybody is making these satin zip up jackets with the elaborate embroidery.

They're this spring answer to the great variety of jacket out there, and some of them might be reversible!

Diesel bomber jacket that is also reversible.

the inside of this jacket is all black satin which makes

this jacket really versatile for both edgy and toned looks.

Knowing the trend isn't going anywhere, but curious how it might evolve from here;

I put up some of my favorite bomber jackets for you.

Gucci Snake web shell jacket S/S 17

This bomber is Screaming Spring Couture!

Light as a feather and packed with style.

Gucci Bee star nylon jacket S/S 17

Whimsical and fun nylon bomber that

is an absolute must for fashion enthusiastic.

The Puffy Air crew bomber :

Alpha industries NASA MA-1

bomber jacket

with details so real no wonder

its a must have.

also comes in black and blue.

And last but no least This vintage looking bomber is closing our list.

Zara AC/DC bomber jacket

90's trends always finds their way back.


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