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My backpacks obsession

hey guys! hope you're all well

Today I wanted talk with you about my all time obsession - Backpacks!

Ever since I was little I had a thing with backpacks! every year before school started

during summer vacation my mom used to take me backpack shopping. I think it all started back then..

and boy I came a long way from "Modan" to designers backpacks!

So why I love them so much?

Well the more obvious reason is because backpacks are always a great accessory to pack your essentials in when you’re on the go.

But its definitely more than that, backpacks are fun-sized, stylish and a must-have for the busy men.

Quickly you'll find out that backpacks can match, update and lift any look of yours without any effort.

Moreover they are so comfy!! and have tones of storage that can be pretty useful while travelling or just strolling around

with your friends; Hence they become a total obsession for me!

here are some of my favorite backpacks!

Basically this Gucci backpacks make the perfect travel size bag;

packed with chic and loads of space this backpacks make the ultimate

plane or getaway companion.

Gucci S/S 2017 Embroidered technical canvas backpack

Gucci S/S 17 Technical canvas backpack

This backpack is one of my favorite backpacks! I use it as a school bag or when I stroll around!

this backpack is so comfy and the details are absolutely gorgeous! those studded stars really shine!!

and the leather details sheer perfection.

Yves Saint Laurent City backpack with studded stars F/W 17

** The lock key chain is not a part of the backpack yet it's

available as part of the YSL small leather goods collection.

This MCM monogram leather backpack is an absolute must!

why I love it so much? well.. size does matters!! nowadays you can't really find small backpack

for men's. all of the small backpacks are made for women's; so when I found this one I knew right away

this baby is coming back home with me.

MCM Duke Visetos backpack S/S 2017

The Monsters Mania began when Fendi first launched their Fendi Monster backpack in 2014.

Since 2014 this backpack became a true icon!

And what can I say? You have to give it up to Fendi for their new burst of creativity and design!

that's the reason why this bag made his way to my collection.

"Forever a Moschino fan"

And last but not least! My Moschino backpacks. They are my all times favorite backpacks!

even though they are considered to be rucksack bags they are the ones i use the most!

Light as a feather and so dam'n stylish this backpacks make the ultimate city bags!

Thank you MR Jeremy!

Moschino Capsule collection rucksack backpacks S/S 16

available at Mary shoes.


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