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My 5 must have accessories

Hey guys,

So here I collected for you what I consider to be all time must have items.

these will update every look with chic and sophistication and will never go out of style.

Black and white Sneakers

"so shine bright....."

a white sneaker is definitely a must have piece in every man and women wardrobe.

it can tone down any bold look or lift up every casual look.

a white sneaker can work in every season and every mood; from obvious reasons it works better in spring and summer but its totally up to you.

fashionable Black sneakers are such an important item.

pair them with any jeans or trousers and you're ready to go! wherever you go! seriously!

black sneakers are appropriate for both casual and night-outs and weekend looks!

A Classic Belt

the right belt is essential to complete a versatile and up to date wardrobes, as the belt is one of the most important accessories that a men can own.

the right belt can take a casual, thrown together outfit and elevate it to a unique ensemble that makes a statement.

it can compliment an evening look or a very simple look of a V neck T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

There are many trendy, classic, and complimentary belt styles, find out what works best for you and don't forget to make sure it matches the rest of the accessories you wore.

Black side bag or a backpack

A black classic side bag or a backpack, can easily turn into life-long companion.

Quickly you'll find out this bag can match, update and lift any look of yours without any effort.

Spacious and accommodating, a quality bag will do everything from stash your daily essentials to carry your laptop and notebook to meetings.

the bliss of being pockets and hands-free or just to make a fashion statement is a reason enough to embrace one.

Louis Vuitton 2015 District M side bag

Moschino Capsule collection backpack

YSL stars backpack

Mirrored shades

They’re not selling UV protection, they’re selling dreams

There’s something instantly outfit reviving about a pair of mirrored glasses.

Very few things can transform your appearance in a matter of seconds like a good pair of shades

and all of a Sudden you’re the coolest kid in the yard.

picking the perfect pair should be really easy! just try some!

Fendi S/S 2017

Dior technologic S/S 2016

The perfect Iphone case

I have realized that there are so many great cases out there, and it is so subjective.

But as far as i see it an iphone case shouldn't be only to protect your phone! it can totally be a fashion statement

and can tell a little bit about personality.

Classy or Whimsical it's Up to you! Just make sure it's stylish.


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