hey guys! hope you're all well

Today I wanted talk with you about my all time obsession - Backpacks!

Ever since I was little I had a thing with backpacks! every year before school started

during summer vacation my mom used to take me backpack shopping. I think it all started back then..

and boy I came a long way from "Modan" to designers backpacks!

So why I love them so much?

Well the more obvious reason is because ba...


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Hey guys,

So here I collected for you what I consider to be all time must have items.

these will update every look with chic and sophistication and will never go out of style.

Black and white Sneakers

"so shine bright....."

a white sneaker is definitely a must have piece in every man and women wardrobe.

it can tone down any bold look or lift up every casual look. 

a white sneaker can work in every season and every mood; fr...

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